«I had always thought to offer the best service in the world of golf and I still think like that».

And now with that same conviction, I am going forward.

Vincent Granados CEO SkyGolf since 2002

The Future.

It’s clear you need intuition. By being aware that technology moves exponentially, we have to adapt to provide the best solution to the consumer.

Machines, robots, the speed of processes all have to be harnessed to give the best service.
In this season 2019/2020, SkyGolf understands the need to reach all sales and distribution channels possible. This is not out of self-interest, but to offer the best service both to users (golfers) and golf courses. This will be achieved with the new version of the Distance Guide, distributed via Amazon.

It is recognized that electronic devices do not solve all the problems encountered out on the course, due to various constraints. Lots of golfers still like to have a traditional, well designed distance guide in their hands.

We want to make this easy.

SkyGolf has 18 years of experience in golf course measurement; editing thousands of distance guides. Now we want to use that experience to simplify the market by providing a facility to golfers in three days and with no investment needed by the golf course.
This is explained in the  PACK  section.

HONOUR “The right of a player to play first off the tee”. It’s the definition of the Rules of Golf. In my own version, the Rules of Golf are short.
HONOUR: combination of moral values and level of ethics of a person that determine their behavior.