In this page “More stuff” you will find a few interesting golfing references. Don’t expect fresh news, but more dedicated to gather up reference content, some technical points or curiosities.

It does not pretend to give lessons to anyone, but simply help to illustrate my knowledge of what you do not know.

This is a video that I want to use to pay homage to one of the greatest geniuses of football. Over many years he simply transmitted a human warmth unknown to the majority of media who interviewed him.

Hole 14. Montanyà. » Go out and enjoy«

Johan Cruyff and his family, through their foundation, work with and help disabled children. Thanks.

Entry point to green.

What is the » T»?

La “T” is the green reference point to draw a perpendicular line from where all distances start, to locate pin position.

How do you locate the point?

En primer lugar, debes situarte en el centro de Green. A continuación (situado en el centro) deberás mirar:

1./ On par 3 holes, to furthest tee (black).

2./ On par 4 & 5 holes you must take the logical shot to the green from the centre of the fairway. Par 4 is between 100/150m and par 5 between 80/100m (aprox. for medium level players. The “T” is found at the intersection of the green and this imaginary line.

Why perpendicular?

As you can see from the graphics, measure is taken for this perpendicular. Not all measurements should be taken from the “T” (although it could be used). It is the way to represent graphically and the best understood.

-F (Front)   L (left)   R (Rigth)   C (Centre).

This case is used where the distance of the equidistant pin position to left and right of the green margins L or D are taken depending on the closest distance to the margin closest to the green.

A green may have two “T”s in the case of two logical entrances.

One of the most famous holes in the world helps us to understand very well and surely you will not forget.

On the emblematic 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass, golfers play from the furthest distance, 137 yds. As a par 3 the front of green, the “T”, is found at the point where this cuts the green.

As you have seen the physical entrance of the green, it is done from a totally different place.

This example perhaps makes you see clearly that the entrance from where the green is measured has nothing to do with where you walk on.

If they tell you the pin position is found at 12F 4D (yds), now you should know where the hole is.

It is very clear, if you go to Mallorca (and if you haven’t been you must go), my advice is to play Pula. It can’t be missed, a must play course. Romeo Sala and family will make sure you never forget this sovereign golf course.

!!!Course, stay and treatment exceptional!!!

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